Wednesday, April 05, 2006
[762] Of podcast on Lampe Berger
w00t! Podcast. Well, technically, Zencast because I used my Zen Micro. For clarity, refer to [761] Of the reason why this Lampe Berger fad is a pyramid scheme, posted yesterday.

You will need Quicktime to listen to it. However, if you're more anti-Apple than me, you can download the mp3 file here and play it on your favorite media player instead.

p/s - almost forgot. Justice served. Inter 0 - 1 Villareal. Aggregate 2-2, with the away goal belongs to Villareal.
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u sound like a freaking psycho!im serious. Not convince at all.

By Anonymous, at 06 April, 2006 03:37  

i'm a wacko when it comes to gaming. That's all. Other than that, I could be very timid. =p

By __earth, at 06 April, 2006 06:54  

lol, this is the first podcast message for me i had patience to listen till the end and WOW what a finale!! Now I need few days to recover. ;-)

By the Challenge, at 06 April, 2006 07:12  

i can understand why you write.
please continue writing.

By Anonymous, at 16 April, 2006 02:28  

Hi,man.Maybe u should cool down and think thru why u are still an EMPLOYEE now.
First,if this is a Pyramid scheme and cheating plp's money, will this company be survive in 11 countries? Are all those goverment so stupid to let a cheating firm to cheat thier plp???( including Singaopre, Australia? )

Second, that's no forcing when ur sis made the chioces. If u belive ur sis being "brainwash", how bout other plp for those they are 30++ age and above or buisness man? Can they be easily "brainwash" or cheated?

Third, do u know anything about maening of "pyramid"? It means when u put in money for an investment, U GOT NOT GOODS NOR PRODUCTS. U cann't be get on higher position or higher income than ur so call "UPLINE". JUST KEEP ON EARNING FOR THEM.

And for that 30k goods ur sis get,she can sponsor to other franchise too.It's NOT AS WAT U SAID MUST FIND ANOTHER GUY TO INVEST 30k TO GET BACK THE MONEY!!! Somehow, there's a BUY BACK POLICY for 90% refund which is within 180days.(THAT"S WHAT MY FREN DID GET BACK HIS MONEY FOR WAT I KNOW.)

Well, since u are working for ur boss, DO U THINK UR INCOME WILL GET OVER UR BOSS? YOUR POSITION WILL BE AS SAME AS YOUR BOSS? So, u mean ur company is a "PYRAMID SCHEME" TOO....


By Anonymous, at 07 September, 2006 03:07  

As for the above comments was WRITTEN BY ME, who is a 36yrs old GUY and RUNNING MY OWN BUSINESS AS HANDPHONE SUPPLIER for the past seven yrs.



By Anonymous, at 07 September, 2006 03:21  

Well said by the above "36 yrs old anonymous"!! I totally agree with what u said! That guy who posted the podcast really sounded like a child stil in a grown ups body. Hey man, stop playing computer games and living off your parents! U r just like a ponzi wasting all the money paid for ur electricity and food to feed u. I noe many young ppl nowadays like to post blogs to show ppl. Humans crave for recognition the most, after sex. There are certainly other ways to gain recognition and admiration other than thru talking bad abt other ppl's company! I m a very honest person and i always believe that What goes around, comes around. If i m wrong abt this DCHL, may i and my family be killed in a tragic accident.

The reason y so many ppl think dis mlm is a scam or money game is bcos too many ppl emphasize too much on the plan. They focused less on the FANTASTIC products that DCHL has and that has caused the misconception of a money game. The reason being the marketing plan is also FANTASTIC! No doubt, there are failures and bad eggs in the industry but this is the same everywhere. There are honest and dishonest policemen out there, good students and lazy students who habitually skip classes or sleep in class, and good lady drivers and omg lady drivers.

The company is registered with the Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal-ehwal Pengguna.(ministry of trade and consumers affair). I noe it bcos i personally phoned the government to check on the background of the company.

The rest of the points are mentioned by anonymous above.

MLM is really not suitable for everyone. It is only suitable for ppl who really know what they want in life, self motivated, honest and sincerely wanting to improve the living standards of the ppl around them. This is absolutely vital bcos along the way, you will meet lots of rejections, frens turn to strangers, no basic income, and worse of all, blogs like this that try to spoil ur biz. However, in the end, wen u manage to go through it, the rewards are absolutely fucking unbelieveable! It is worth every single damn bit of your sweat and tears.

So for all those who are thinking whether to start your MLM biz with DCHL, read the above carefully and then make your decision. No matter what, it will be a good decision as it is done by yourself and by yourself only. You will be responsible for your parents well being when they get older and also your future family, and not the ppl here including me. Thanks for reading!

Andy Chin

By Anonymous, at 20 September, 2006 15:41  

Sorry mate. I'm actually working. I won't ask for my parents money or borrow it from my friends if I wanted to join DCHL, unlike so many people that are in DCHL.

The point here is that, use your own money. If you dare take the risk, then dare shoulder the consequences. When you get burnt, don't take other innocent ppl down with you.

Of course, no one is forcing my sister but have you heard of peer pressure? And of course, I told my parents to let her do her things but they mustn't financed here. Let her use her own money. Let her feel how it's like to work for cash and take the risk. Just don't make other ppl lives miserable if she got into trouble.

Of course, when told to use her own cash, she backed off. I didn't force her to not join it. I simply said, use your own cash.

A lot of ppl that thinking of joining this scam are the ones that are living off their parents. They are using their parents and friends' resources to bet on a get-rich-quick scheme.

A person with proper education (that understand the economic implications) and comfortable living don't have the urge to join a scam to make more money.

By __earth, at 20 September, 2006 21:20  

Andy Chin, i was just wondering why every tom, dick and harry ask every other tom, dick and harry to join MLM, since u said it is not suitable for any tom, dick and harry. It really does sound like a scam.

"I don't care what u r capable of, just join and expand my nework. as long as i keep recruiting more and more i don care if i get a few bad apples. if u screw up then too bad. student? even better. they will pester their parents for money".

fyi i earn my own living and r giving my parents great lifes. i do play computer games but i don live off them. i m not 36 years old (so much younger).

PS : I believe in karma (instant or accumulated). especially the "tragic accident" kind, thats why i don scam ppl.

By Daaditsu, at 02 October, 2006 00:13  

Andy Chin,

You are right that MLM is not for everyone, and MLM is basically a sales job. Can everyone be a top sales man? Your motivational speakers will try to tell you yes, but in reality you know its not true.

You try to paint a dream, and get a lot of everyday people to come and share that they made it, and get everyone excited.

Let me ask you, why don't you finance the person's entry? Well, you can give 10 reasons why, but lets look at the real world -

#1 A company. It takes a risk and hires you and pays your salary, before you can really bring in the top sales.

#2 A venture capitalist. It funds your venture, because he believes in your product and has done a thorough investigation.

In my encounters with SYN recruiters, only one tried to actually select me because they think I have what it takes, the rest are more concerned about RM30k and forming a downline.

By sorhai, at 06 October, 2006 01:38  


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